Tune UP Leaf/Spine Network Solution

Tune up your Leaf/Spine network: Better fabric performance through ECMP tuning Non-disruptive failover Hitless upgrades Automated provisioning Stretching VLANS & multi-tenant security Simple IP Mobility Decrease optics spend Eliminate licenses for basic features The way modern leaf/spine topologies work is that all switches operate at Layer 3 and use a routing protocol, like BGP or

Owncloud 10 > DSM 6.1

It seems the package Owncloud is not working anymore on DSM 6.1 because it can’t find the mysql binary anymore.. When u choose for uninstall, the DSM service even stops!! Anyways, this guide got detailed instructions for installing Owncloud 10 to Xpenology/Synology device with DSM 6.1. Ok -let’s get started with the installation. 0) It’s obvious but enable/install

50% Off On JNCIA-JUNOS Exam

 While reading about Juniper Certifications on web, today evening I came across interesting URL where they asked to register first and then offered pre-assessment tests. As I am currently in middle of my JNCIA-JUNOS prep I thought to take a look on my progress by taking the pre-assessment exam. Although I scored far better than

DOCKER Introduction

There’s a lot of tutorials showing how to link containers using the docker run –link option, but the link flag is a depricated feature of Docker and may be eventually removed. I will show you how to link containers via docker network providing a template of Dockerfile for your Golang application, but the focus here

VXLAN Encapsulation in Juniper Contrail

VXLAN is becoming de-facto encapsulation standard for overlay virtual networks (at least according to industry pundits and marketing gurus working for companies with VXLAN-based products) – even Juniper Contrail, which was traditionally a pure MPLS/VPN architecture uses it. Not so fast – Contrail is using VXLAN packet format to carry MPLS labels between hypervisors and